Journal: Operant Subjectivity
Editor: Amanda M. Wolf
ISSN: 0193-2713
Published Quarterly, beginning October

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About the Journal

Operant Subjectivity is the official journal of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity. Its primary mission is to foster understanding of subjectivity through presentation of original research, theoretical and philosophical critique, and methodological clarification. The journal is committed to the ideas and concepts of Q methodology as enunciated by William Stephenson (1902-1989), and, while not precluding alternative viewpoints, encourages contributions compatible with this commitment

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The following articles are from Volume 35, Number 1 issue of Operant Subjectivity.

College Student Preferences for Trendy versus Classic Typefaces (PDF: 2.68MB), Tara M. Buehner

Subjectivity as Operant: A Conceptual Exploration and Discussion (PDF: 484KB), Simon Watts

Q Methodology and its Applications: Reflections on Theory (PDF: 553KB), Amanda Wolf, James M. M. Good, Steven R. Brown, Eefje H. W. J. Cuppen, David Ockwell & Simon Watts